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Other Resources

The following external resources may help support you or your organization on your journey to localize the sustainable development goals. This list is a work-in-progress. Get in touch if you have suggested resources to add. Click here for more community-based evaluation resources.

Venn Diagram of five circles: Large middle circle says Eval4LocalizingSDGs; Smaller circle on the right says United Nations; Smaller circle on the left says Canada's 2030 Agenda; Smaller circle on the top says Community-Based and Municipal Efforts; Smaller circle on the bottom says Common Measures and Indicators

Community-Based and Municipal Efforts to Localize the Sustainable Development Goals


Alliance 2030: A Network of Organizations, Institutions, and Individuals Committed to Achieving the 17 SDGS.

Local 2030: Localizing the SDGS.

Mothers Matter Centre: Women's Insight Project and Curriculum. 

SDG Localization: From Recovery to Resilience Conference.

MyPeg: Winnipeg Voluntary Review.

Prioritizing Indigenous Leadership to Advance the Sustainable Development Goals in Nogojiwanong | Peterborough

BC Council for International Cooperation: Kelowna’s Voluntary Local Review.


Centre for Social Innovation: EcoSchools Canada is Helping Students Across Canada Track Progress on the SDGS. 

SDG Cities: A Collaborative, Community-Driven Project Supporting Localization of the UN SDGs.

University of Waterloo: New City of Waterloo Video Series on the SDGs.

Tamarack 10 Guide: A Guide for Advancing Sustainable Development Goals in your Community. 

Tamarack Institute: Climate Transitions Cohort: Key Readings and Resources.

Working towards Canada’s 2030 Agenda


Baskanderi, Aatif: TRC + SDG: Reconciling our Past to Enable a Sustainable Future in Canada. 

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action.

First Nations Information Governance Centre: The First Nations Principles of OCAP.

Future of Good: #My2030 - A Collection of Digital Visual Art Highlighting Canada’s 2030 Agenda (hosted by Logoart).

Global RCE Network: Education for Sustainable Development.


Government of Canada: TOWARDS Canada’s 2030 Agenda National Strategy. 


Richins, Alicia: Social and Environmental Impact Planning and Sustainable Development Goals (Consultant).

Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Canada: Network Members.

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