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Community-Based Evaluation: An Overview 

Community-Based Evaluation actively involves stakeholders in all elements of evaluation, from planning to implementation to using results in decision-making.

Community-based evaluation projects follow 4 phases with 11 non-linear steps. In community-based evaluation, the relational activities are as important as technical activities. These 4 phases can also be used to help you and your organization reflect on your work, and its connection to the SDGs.

To learn more, watch the webinar, "Overview of Community-Based Evaluation: Evaluating SDGs for Local Impact." Download webinar 1 slides here and access a copy of our workbook here.

Circular diagram with 4 connected circles and 4 arrows. Circles include: #1 Laying the foundation, #2 Evaluation Planning, #3 Information Gathering/Analysis and #4 Acting on Findings. There is an arrow looping back from the third circle (information gathering and analysis) and the second circle (evaluation planning).
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